David Swanson Violins

dave at workbench

Hello, my name is Dave Swanson and I build and restore violins, violas and cellos. My shop is located in the historic town of Hillsborough in Central North Carolina. Conveniently located 10 miles from Chapel Hill and Durham and 30 miles from Greensboro and Raleigh, I serve the Triangle and Triad regions and beyond. My clients range from Maine to Florida. Violin family instruments and their bows are my passion, and I am dedicated to providing the string player with professional and timely service to keep their instrument in the best condition possible. All players of stringed instruments know the value of a knowledgeable and reliable luthier. Please take a minute and browse through my website, and you’ll see why I’m your guy.

Hillsborough, North Carolina

By Appointment Only**

Appointments available Tuesday and Thursday 9-1130am and 2-5pm


**(for appointments) swansonviolins@gmail.com


Listen to a Swanson violin.