The brands and varieties of accessories available to string players can be overwhelming.  My approach to offering accessories is not to flood a customer with choices, but rather, sort through what is available, and offer only the best products available at the best prices. I prefer to promote products that are well made and will last you a long time, rather than to sell inferior products at a higher profit margin that will end up in a landfill in a few years. This saves you time and money, and is good for the planet too!

I make every effort to keep my pricing competitive with the internet marketplace and large retailers. Please buy local!!

If you are looking for something in particular, please let me know. If not in stock, I can usually have it in a day or two.


Bobelock: These have become the standard among string players. Very well made, reasonably priced, and a company with excellent business practices.

Hiscox: These cases are made in England and are very well made, offering maximum protection.

BAM: French made, very popular lightweight violin, viola and cello cases.

Saga: The lightest weight cello case available. They do not offer the protection that a hard case offers, but are great for local travel.

Eastman: Economical student cases. Made in China.

Concord: Sturdy cases. Made in China.

Protec: Lightweight cases with good shock resistance.

Music Stands

Koenig and Meyer: K&M, a German company, makes the best stands available. They have a nice selection for every need: orchestra, conductor, travel and decorative wooden stands.

Manhasset: Manhasset has been the standard for orchestral stands since 1935. Made in Washington State by an employee-owned company.

Instrument Stands

Ingles:  violin/viola, cello

Hercules, violin/viola, cello

Cello box stands

Shoulder rests


Bon Musica




Other accessories




Polish cloths

In-case Humidifiers


Cello and bass endpin anchors