I offer a wide range of carefully selected bows to meet the needs of a beginning player and the demands of a professional. Every bow is different, and must be matched with the instrument and the player. Most student and intermediate bows come in three levels, depending on the fittings used; nickel, silver and gold. Bows are also graded by the quality of materials, workmanship, condition and the market value of the maker’s work.

Bows I Offer

  • Contemporary Bows: Bows from some of the most talented living bowmakers.
  • Vintage Bows: Older bows, mostly German, French or English.
  • CodaBow: Very popular composite bows engineered for all levels.
  • Arcos Brazil: Pernambuco and Carbon-fiber bows for all levels.
  • Water Violet: Pernambuco bows for all levels.

Fiberglass Bows: All fiberglass bows are entry-level bows. I only carry fiberglass bows that are consistently well made and have real horsehair. I believe there is a minimum bar from which a beginner should start. While they have limitations, they are an economical choice for a beginner.

Composite Bows: The demands of players have given rise to a new generation of bows made from high-tech materials that mimic the playability of the finest bows. Common materials are carbon fiber, graphite and kevlar, Players like these bows for their performance and their stability in changing weather. Most composite bows are available in nickel, silver and gold levels.

Wood Bows: The traditional wood used for bows is Pernambuco (Caesalpina echinata, Legume family), native only to a small region of coastal Brazil. Due to the scarcity of the wood today, others woods marketed as “brazilwood” and “snakewood” are gaining popularity. However, Pernambuco remains the wood of choice for professional bows. All of the Pernambuco bows I carry are from “legal” wood. This wood has been legally harvested in Brazil, often recycled from trees cut many years ago. The makers I represent are actively involved in the conservation of this valuable natural resource. Wood bows are available in nickel, silver and gold levels.