Rental Program

My Rental Program is designed to make renting a violin, viola or cello easy. My goal is to provide the highest quality instruments at affordable rates with the best personal service available. I am here to help students achieve their musical goals.

**Please call in advance to be sure I have your size in stock and that it is adjusted to meet my quality standards.**

  • Select Instruments: All rental instruments are hand-made from quality materials and are carefully selected to be included in my rental program.
  • Custom Levels: Instruments are available in two levels to meet the needs of beginning and advanced students.

Player Series: Perfect for the beginning or intermediate student. Available in all sizes. (1/32-4/4)


A hand-carved instrument.

A quality bow with real horse hair.

A student case, rosin and a soft cloth

Master Series: For intermediate to advanced levels.  (Smallest size – violin 1/2, viola 15”, cello 1/2)


A higher quality hand carved instrument.

The choice of quality fiberglass or wood bow.

A premium case, rosin and a soft cloth.

  • Professional Setup: All instruments are setup, adjusted and maintained in my shop to the same standards used for professional players. I believe that students deserve the best!
  • Generous Rental Credit Program: Apply rental equity towards the purchase of an instrument, and get discounts on bows, cases and accessories.
  • No Long-Term Contracts: Following a 3 month minimum, rent by the month and cancel anytime.
  • Graduated Sizes: Trade your rental outfit for the next size instrument with no extra charges or interruption to your rental agreement.
  • Automatic Maintenance Plan: Every rental includes a repair and maintenance agreement to protect you from accidental damage.

Rental Credit Program

Apply 100% of your first 12 month’s rent, and 20% of rent thereafter, towards the purchase of a new or antique instrument (up to 50% of the list value). Also, when you purchase an instrument, get a 10% discount on a case, bow and accessories.

Maintenance Plan

Every rental includes a monthly payment to cover reasonable wear and tear and periodic maintenance. All of my rental instruments are setup and adjusted to exceed national educational standards.

As long as the provided “Guide to Instrument Care” is followed, you’ll find that most problems that may arise are fully covered. Under the terms of the maintenance plan, your outfit will be repaired or replaced, allowing you to proceed with practice and performance schedules without interruption.

Items covered by Maintenance Plan:

  • Routine maintenance to keep the instrument and bow in excellent condition.
  • Gluing open seams and repairing minor scratches and cracks.
  • Reasonable wear and tear while in possession of the renter.
  • Broken strings will be replaced (limit of 4 strings per 12 month period).

Items not covered by Maintenance Plan:

(It is recommended to inform your homeowner’s or renter’s policy to cover these items.)

  • Loss or theft.
  • Flood, Fire or acts of God or Nature.
  • Intentional Damage (examples: carving on wood, mishandling instrument or bow, etc…).
  • Negligence (examples: leaving the instrument unattended, not keeping the instrument and bow in the case, exposing the instrument to extreme temperatures such as by a heater, in the sun, or unattended in the car or trunk, damage by a pet, etc…).
  • Damage incurred while not in the possession of the renter.

2020 Rental Rates*

Player Series                                                                                                  setup/restock fee

  • Violin              $25/month ($20 + $5)  rent + maintenance plan                     $40
  • Viola               $30/month ($24 + $6)                                                             $50
  • Cello               $50/month (40 + $10)                                                             $75
  • Bass                 please call

Master Series

  • Violin              $45/month ($38 + $7) rent + maintenance plan                      $60
  • Viola               $50/month ($42 + $8)                                                             $70
  • Cello               $75/month ($60 + $15)                                                           $85
  • Bass                please call

* To start rental: 3 month minimum + prorated rent for partial first month + setup/restock fee.

*Cancel anytime, final month’s rent is not prorated.

*Payment by credit/debit card automatically renews each month.

A Guide to Instrument Care

(Please follow these guidelines in order to keep the rental agreement in good standing)

Rules of thumb:

  • Always keep the instrument and bow in a case with latch and zipper closed.
  • If you are too hot, too cold, too humid or too dry, so is your instrument. Extremes in temperature and humidity will result in open seams and cracks! In the winter, keep in a humidified room, in the summer, in a room with air conditioning or dehumidifier. (45%-55% relative humidity is ideal)
  • Please do not leave the instrument unattended in the car, especially overnight!
  • Please do not put stickers or tape on the instrument. This includes adhesive foam on the chin rest. Tapes on the fingerboard are fine, but any other place will damage the varnish.
  • Please do not polish the instrument. The soft cloth provided is to wipe off the instrument after playing.

When not Playing:

  • Always keep your instrument and bow fully secured in the case.
  • Do not store your instrument by a heater, air conditioner, in the sun or extreme temperatures.
  • Keep the blanket provided with the case over the instrument to protect the top.
  • Secure the bow very carefully in the bow holder. If the bow is not secured, it will flop around the case and damage the top of the instrument.

Before Playing:

  • Wash and dry your hands before handling the instrument.
  • Inspect the bridge to be sure it is not leaning forward or backward. (tuning the strings can pull the bridge forward.)
  • The bridge feet should be a snug fit against the top (no visible gaps).
  • Do not tighten the bow hair too much. (If you are not sure, please ask!)
  • Try not to touch the bow hair with your fingers.
  • For cellos, please remove the bow BEFORE removing the cello from the bag.

After Playing:

    • Wipe the instrument with a soft cloth to prevent rosin build up. A clean instrument is a happy instrument. (Please do not polish!)
    • Loosen the tension on the bow hair. (if you are not sure, please ask!)
    • Place the instrument and bow well secured in the case. Zip up the case and store in a safe place away from heaters and moisture.
    • For cellos, please place the bow in bag AFTER putting the cello in the bag.